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Hey there fellow club members welcome to the offical A Club wiki the perfect place to learn about Alexiastar10 and the other club members and their characters

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Fellow Club MembersEdit

Alexiastar10 - Club Leader

Nobl3 Trauma - Alexia's best friend on the internet!

Royce - Alexia's Ex Boyfriend!

Bajan - Alexia's friend!

Jonah - Alexia's cousin!

Ryan/DarkSniper- Noble's Ex Boyfriend!

Profiles Edit

Alexiastar10 -

Noble -

Royce -

Bajan -

Jonah -

Ryan -

Fanfictions Edit

The Crazy Family -

The love that cant be -

A PET?! -

I'm Sorry -

Creepy pastas Edit



Kunai-no information at the moment

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Twitch -

Youtube -


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